Wednesday, November 12, 2008

metal roofs

metal roofs: I went from not being so sure about metal roofs a few years back to really starting to dig them. My in-laws built this beautiful barn in New Mexico and they put a copper colored roof on it. It's fantastic. When people all over that town meet us they say "Oh! You're the folks in the copper-top." We're basically famous.

Metal roofs range from sheets of corrugated galvanized metal to a true cooper roof. I am focusing here on the corrugated sheet metal. I love that this material is inexpensive, long lasting, rugged and simple to install. It definitely has a specific look that would not work with a lot of projects but somehow fits into my ideal of simple, classic, modern and organic. And it's perfect for a barn. And there are so many colors to choose from that any structure can be unique to your personality. Like I said, it's really grown on me.

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