Monday, November 17, 2008

is it all subjective?

My husband just sent me this quote knowing it would resonate with me. It may just make it's way over to my sidebar.

"The notion of good taste - having an educated and perhaps unique sense of style - is different from a narrow view of what's proper or not. There's a certain kind of predicable good taste; everything matches all too precisely and the impact is usually pleasant and boring. This isn't only found in traditional interiors where the sofa fabric has some of the colours of the carpet, the sofa pillows match the curtains, and so on, but in contemporary settings, too. You can be equally banal with rooms of nothing but Mies and Corb.

One shouldn't complain too much about this approach. It's better than being thoughtless about how you live. However, it is a ghetto of safeness. Good taste needs a sense of risks having been successfully taken, not merely rules have been followed diligently. Good taste should feel new even if its underpinnings are classic."

This quote is an excerpts from an article entitled "Bad Taste Does Exist" by Kelvin Browne.

What are your thoughts on this sometimes tricky subject?

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rosemary said...

Great quote! BTW - Your header pic is one of my favorite paintings. My grandmother has had it hanging over her couch my whole life.

So are you guys adopting from thailand too?