Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brooke, a bride

I have a dear friend, Brooke, who I got to know and love during our time together in Morocco.  I also got to watch her relationship with a great man, Justin, begin and grow in that time. On January 2nd, these two were married in Nashville.  It breaks my heart that we weren't able to be there.  I have been living vicariously through their lovely photographs and I just had to share some of them here. 


Congratulations, you two.   

God is sharing His beauty with the world, through your lives entwined. 

{Brooke & Justin's excellent photographer was Michael Howard, you can find him here}


Mindy said...

What a gorgeous wedding and a beautiful couple. Everything looked perfect.

I have never in my life seen that many bridesmaids - I had just about that many guests total! They looked adorable.

Emily said...

Oh, Mindy! You're wedding was beautiful! I know it wasn't as planned, but lovely still. I'm still believing that Stein Ericson Lodge wedding is still to be. Aren't you do for a vow renewal yet? Then I could blog about it : )