Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dwell Studio Chinoiserie

This bedding is such old news, so why am I still so not over it?  Does that mean it's true love?

Perhaps someone will valentine it to me this year?

He can find it here.

**update: Jennifer, who does PR for Dwell Studio just let me know that they will be introducing new Chinoiserie pillows in different sizes and brighter colors, next month.  I'll be on the lookout for those and post them as soon as I spot 'em.**


Mindy said...

First of all - LOVE that duvet!
Second of all - DON'T DO IT, Mr. P!

It's much too expensive and I think your children would get it all dirty.

Not that my opinion matters all that much but it's just my two cents!

If you do get it, though, take a picture cuz I wanna see it in your room (it would look so cute!)

Emily said...

Yeah, we would never actually spend that much on a duvet. Maybe we could just get the pillows? Mr. P wants an all white bed - eek! Can you imagine that with toddlers? Not that this is any better...sigh.

Mindy said...

We have an all white bed... but we don't have children so it works.

I'm kinda ready for color, though.

Kate said...

You can have the duvet if I can have the print above the bad. I always want the details in the pictures.

Emily said...

I am the same way,Kate. I love that chandelier as much as the bedding. Has anyone ever seen one like that somewhere?