Wednesday, January 7, 2009

so this is what E.'s lunch ended up looking like...

Do I have to say 'just kidding'?

I have this dear friend, Mindy, who is like a white Japanese person.  Not only is she fluent in the language (she teaches it) but she adores nearly all things Japanese.  I remember her telling me how the Japanese are very big into making a beautiful presentation.  It really doesn't matter what the item is, they want the delivery to exhibit beauty. Bento boxes are such a great example.  The way that the Japanese serve their meals, even a 'sack lunch' is mind-blowing. Though I will never (nor could ever) take it to this level, I think there is great inspiration here. Finding beauty in the basics. 

{all images found via the sushi queen}


Mindy said...

You silly, goof ball!
You gotta love the Japanese!
I love it!
Maybe you should give the obento a try. I bet E. wouldn't mind!

rosemary said...

I love the focus on quality! even in the minor details of our life!