Thursday, January 8, 2009

child's pose

I just got back a bit ago from my Yogalates class.  Isn't that just fun to say?  We were in the middle of doing the child's pose (seen above) when I had an interesting thought.  I was thinking about how this is the position that I am typically in while I am praying.  And then our instructor said the name again: child's pose.  Isn't that the perfect name for our posture during prayer?  Humbled, relaxed, trusting, coming as a child.  The pose in itself read to me just likemy prayers:  "Father, I am so small and so utterly incapable apart from You.  Please take over on my behalf." And in that time He transforms my weakness into strength.  

And that was today's Yogalates meditation. 

{image from purlingplan's}

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rosemary said...

What a beautiful post.