Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mary Jane's Farm B & B

Sean and I have always shared a dream of opening a small hotel.  We have spent endless hours imagining the where and what and how. This dream feel like it is a looong way off, if it is ever to be at all.   After I came across Mary Jane Butter's Bed & Breakfast, I thought- now this, maybe we could do.  

Her bed & breakfast is merely a series of wall tents with wood floors that have been done up 'farmstyle'.   Read: fabulous sheets, no electricity.  The tent comes with an outdoor firepit & kitchen, and a shared outhouse, & shower house.   

Of course Mary Jane also owns the adjoining organic farm which really makes the whole thing worthwhile.   That part would have to be a long way off, too. 

At least I can go visit hers' in the meantime.  

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