Thursday, January 15, 2009

i love this braid

My husband is surprisingly good at doing hair.  His adorable sister, Sara, is always calling him before she goes out to say - "Could I run by and have you do my hair real quick?"  It's an astonishing, random talent.  Yet, when I asked him if he could give me the braid in this photo, he tried...he really did.  But it was not his best work.  He said that the tricky part is that the bottom portion is french braided while the top side is just a regular braid.  

Try, try again, I say.

He may just have to work on it 'til he gets it right. 

{image from Ali Loves' Flickr via Oh Happy Day!}


Emily said...

Wow. That'd be great to have another adult in the household to help me with the girls' hair every morning. I have three. He can barely do a ponytail.

Emily said...

Sadly, I am the one that can barely do a ponytail!

yeah, he's a keeper.

Courtney said...

The fact that your husband recognizes the difference between a french and regular braid is so amazing. Kudos to him!