Wednesday, January 21, 2009

reading & eating

I am really into food books right now.  I have been slowly making my way through thisthis & this:

And am itching to get started on this, this, this & this:

Yum.  What food books do you love?


joolee said...

Love Michael Pollan - his In Defense of Food was great and I'm wanting to read his others! Kingsolver's book has inspired me to do a large garden this year -it is a FABULOUS book (with yummy recipes too)! Just discovered your blog through Design Mom and you will def. be on my favorites list!

MsAmanda said...

Also found your blog through Design Mom.

Animal, Vegetbable, Miracle was my top read of 2008. It really made me think, and it changed the way I eat and grocery shop.

It didn't hurt that she's one of my all time favorite writers.

nicole said...

great book selections. May I recommend "Plenty" about a Canadian couple to venture into a year of eating local. "The Art of Simple Food" is my new favorite cookbook. Everything I have cooked in it has been amazing. I do love Ms. Waters. Another great cookbook is "The River Cottage Family Cookbook". Happy Reading.

Robyn said...

Love, love, love "Animal Vegetable Miracle". I think you could say it changed my life.

Haven't read Michael Pollan's others, but I also recommend "In Defense of Food".

Working my way through "The Art of Simple Food". And if you like Jamie Oliver, I really loved "Jamie At Home". It's all about cooking with what he grows at his home garden. And it's beautiful!

red ticking said...

love jaime, alice, nigella, ina .... and of course, jacque pepin and julia!!