Monday, December 29, 2008


So...Sean & I had a really great time in the city, and we turned to the water being back on which was nice. I thought I'd give some feedback from our little excursion in bits and pieces.

first: I really do love train travel. In Europe, of course. But it was favorite mode of travel in Morocco and even for a trip jaunt to the city, I must say that the train seems the way to go.

second: I was not too impressed with the Knickerbocker. I know that I am spoiled with hotel rooms, and have stayed in some really great places but we continue to say after price-lining a room, "I'm sure glad we didn't pay full price for that." Even the places we really love seem SO overpriced. The day I find a place that I love enough to pay full price for, I will return again and again.

What's the best hotel you've ever stayed at? I'll have to post on my favorites sometime soon.

{image from cloud nine}

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