Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fair Trade on the 1st day of Christmas

...my true love gave to me (hint, hint).
I thought that there is no better spot to post my christmas list then here. Not only might it catch the eye of my True Love, but it may give you some ideas for your true loves, too.

First up, these hand forged scissors from India. they are fair trade, signed & beautiful and they have been made by the same Indian family for generations. They even come in a little burlap storage bag. Simply beautiful.

You can find them here.


Kate said...

I have these scissors! I also bought a pair for my mom. I love how these feel; how well they are made; oh, I just love them! I never thought I would pay that much for scissors, but after two years they still make me happy each time I use them.

Emily said...

oooh, kate you have me so excited. Santa actually got these for me and i can't wait to try them out!