Monday, December 29, 2008

Jonathan Adler faves

We live in the middle of nowhere and don't have too much culture around us. There's lots of things that I will glimpse online but I rarely have the chance to see in person. So though all things Jonathan Adler may be the norm in some circles, they are not in mine and I was excited to get to see the store. Though lots of his stuff is not my style, there is plenty about his aesthetic that intrigues me and enough items that I really adore. Both Sean & I ended up liking the store more then we anticipated. I had to drag myself out of there to leave empty handed.

Here are the top 5 things that made me swoon:

1. two of these Morrow slipper chairs, please:

2. this chandelier:

3. these sconces for the kid's room:

4. We wanted to get an "E" and "S" for our bed. The backside is black with white needlepoint.

5. I liked this little cozy to get my new iPhone safe and warm. Santa surprised me with this great phone. I didn't know how much I should have wanted it! (I know, I know, it's not exactly back to the basics. Sometimes I lose my way...) If it helps, I don't think that I'll be purchasing this cozy but it has inspired me to make my own.


rosemary said...

The Morrow chairs and his chandelier are right up my alley too. Sigh. Who can afford these things???

Emily said...
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Emily said...

oops, had a glitch.

I long for simplicity but it seems at times that I have decadent taste. thank goodness I don't have the finances to support those kind of whims!