Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gary Fisher on the 6th day of Christmas

I nearly fainted in ecstasy. Behold, a lovely city bike of my dreaming. Granted, I do not live in a place that allows for much in the way of a bicycle lifestyle, if you know what I mean. Therefore, may I have a lovely biking city to go along with my pretty new ride?

These beauties were found here.


rosemary said...

I studied in England for a while in college and had a bike like this - complete with basket. It was heaven! Now I have no bike. So I will join you in dreaming.

rosemary said...

OK, do not feel jealous. My bike riding time ended most dramatically. I got diagnosed with adult onset epilepsy at 25 and who knew but... bike riding lowers seizure threshhold. So I am no longer supposed to ride bikes. Weird, sad, and true.