Monday, December 15, 2008


I am heading to chicago in a couple days with my two little ones.  My husband, Sean, sadly won't make it out there until the 23rd (it feels just like that holiday Folger's commercial) - but all of my family is in Chicago so it will be great to have some time with them.   Sean's birthday is just after New Years' so when we are in Chicago for Christmas we like to celebrate his birthday there.  We both love Chicago.  And most other large, wonderful cities.  My nice family lets us slip away from the kids for a night and we try to fill 24 hours with as much Chicago-wonderfulness as we can!  We always Priceline a hotel and then research all the fun stuff that we want to squeeze in.  

This year we are staying at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel, a 1927 landmark hotel that has just been renovated.  We have never stayed there before and are excited to check it out as we have this deep, strange love for hotels.  I posted the above photo because I love the colors in that Suzani coverlet!)

{sidenote: it's a long-standing to dream of our to one day open a little hotel.}

We will definitely be eating at Zed 451, as we have a gift card from my parents that we have never gotten around to using.  It looks yummy. Kind of a modern take on the Brazilian Churrascaria, which has never been my thing, my maybe the "modern take" will change things for me. 

A few other "definites" on our list:

Museum of Science and Industry (specifically to check out their Smart Home exhibit)

and of course, Jonathan Adler

Can you tell I'm excited about our lone day in Chicago?

{images from The Millennium Knickerbocker, Zed 451, the Museum of Science & Industry, Apartment Therapy, Friendly Joe}

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