Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TOMS on the 7th day of Christmas

Many of you have probably seen these shoes by now, but if not, let me fill you in. A guy that was in the Amazing Race spent some time in Argentina and witnessed some of the impoverished conditions there. Determined to do something to help, he came up with this shoe company. The designs are based on typical Argentinean work shoes. For each pair that is purchased, a second pair is donated to a child in a third world country that needs a pair of shoes.

Love it. My little one has a pair and they are adorable. These polka dot cuties are my choice for the Yuletide season.

You can find them here.

**update: Caitlin over at TOMS just gave me the heads-up that they don't only give shoes to kids in third world countries.  They have already done 3 US shoe drops and they have plans to do more in the future**

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