Tuesday, December 16, 2008

colored lights

I have always been a white Christmas lights kind of girl.  So classic and simple and pretty.  Now I live in the desert where the lack of snow makes for a rather drab winterscape.  White lights just don't seem to cut it anymore. I went a little ga-ga when I saw this photo out of J.Crew.  All those big bright lights but not the least bit tacky or over the top.  Classic but happy classic.  

Well, I tried to do it and as with most well styled ads, it's easier seen then copied.  Bulbs that large don't come with a battery pack and who wants a cord dangling from the front door.  I'll have to get re-envisioned and try again next year.  

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Ruth said...

I have completely enjoyed visiting your blog. I just loved it. Such great pictures. So many things to ponder over.
Ruth from MJF