Friday, December 5, 2008

Etsy on the 4th day of Christmas

I haven't had personalized stationary in years. Probably since high school, a time when I would never consider using it. I feel like I am finally at an age when I would actually use it. I love these sweet cards and I really love that they are from Etsy, one of my favorite places to shop from. If you have never been there you need to go check it out. Take some time to stroll around the place. It can be intimidating at first but after a little while you can find some amazingly beautiful stuff. There are a kajillion artists on there selling their homemade goods. I love getting to support small artists rather then choosing from only the artists that big stores offer us.

You can find these ones here at EnfinLaVoila. 

They look just like the bumble bees floating around the artichokes on my dream farm.

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rosemary said...

Ummm... addicted to Etsy. One of the girls from my writing class works for them and I am so jealous of her. Cute stationary.