Monday, December 15, 2008

Homemade Cranberry Liquor

Each year around Thanksgiving, my extended family draws names to determine the person that they will buy for that Christmas.  For years and years we did a "real gift" and a "gag gift".  That tradition ended on a sour note and included something to do with an {read: my} ex- boyfriend and a {read: again, my} future spouse.  It was not funny and it quickly ended the gag gift tradition.  Many years have past. This year I had the 'genius' idea of suggesting that we again give two gifts to our person.  A purchased gift and a handmade gift.  As soon as everyone agreed, I quickly remembered that I don't know how to make anything.  After much anguish I decided on what to make for my sister.  Cranberry Liquor.  I mean really, how can you screw up sugar, vodka, & cranberries?  Doesn't it have to be good?

Well, it has been stewing or festering or matriculating or whatever homemade liquor does, for days.  And I just had a little sip.  

It is good.

In case you are wanting to whip up something festive at the last's the recipe.  This could become an annual tradition. 

I bought some swing-top glass bottles from World Market and the whole thing just looks very sweet and again, festive.  The color of the liquor is beautiful.  

I'll just go grab one more small sip. 

{image from MishaM}

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