Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a french Bulldog for the 12th day of Christmas

I'm going to go ahead and past the final "day of Christmas" post today too, as tomorrow I will be flying the hopefully friendly skies.  

As my final wish on my wish list, I would like to add one of these furry friends to our family. My mother likes to tell me that a dog would destroy my previous post, the lovely crewel rug. But for this face, I might, might be able to forego the rug.  

As it may be, I don't like to spend a lot of money on things.  Nearly always, the item or type of item that I like is the expensive kind.  Why is that?!  

French Bulldogs are not cheap.  My guess is that if this little guy doesn't show up on a sleigh, he won't be showing up at all.  

But at least then, I could get my rug.  Just looking for the silver lining.

Does anyone know how French Bulldogs do with chickens?


Tawny said...

Just saying, I used to think they were super cute too, but now having lived with Tiff's for a short time, I would encourage you to think again. Just saying....

Sarah said...

Frenchies are ok with chickens.... they do need a nudge in the right direction however. Most the time because they are so low to the ground they are a little scared of them.

Check our rescuing one, they are a bit cheaper!